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The Screaming Mary Club is a regular Ramsgate social for local women and non-binary folk. We are a diverse group spanning ages 18 - 75 from a variety of backgrounds. We meet up regularly on a Wednesday in different venues around town with cabaret performers and guests that Screaming Alley invite.  We explore personal performance through sessions in burlesque, drag, dance, lip-syncing, performance poetry, clowning, pole-dancing and more.  The Screaming Mary Club is a place where confidence is built, friendships are forged, and community bonds are strengthened.

You can come to every session or just drop in whenever you want - there is is always room for more Marys so come and get amongst it!


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“I never knew of Screaming Alley until they came to Newington community centre and put on a showcase, and I was like, ‘what is this? I want to be involved’. It was just nothing that we had ever experienced in our community. So I think it’s really important, and we’re the only group like this around.”

Angela, a Screaming Mary

“What I love about Screaming Marys is that you can come and it’s a safe space and you can just be yourself, you can just be you. We’re like a big family now, which is nice.”

Katie, a Screaming Mary 

“Being part of a group of girls means a hell of a lot to me, because I’d never been in a group like this before. It’s such a nice group of people as well, there’s no ‘you can’t join in because you’re too big/small/old/young. Everybody is just an equal and it’s a good giggle, we do have a laugh.”

Tina, a Screaming Mary

“It’s been great having lots of different art practitioners coming in and showing us burlesque, clowning, lip syncing, dance, drag, all sorts of things and it’s dressing up and I think play is one of the things that makes us human and we don’t get to do it very much as grown ups.”

Michelle, a Screaming Mary

“There’s nothing else like it and I think for a lot of us we would just be sat at home, if we didn’t have it.” 

Penny, a Screaming Mary

“It was after covid, wanting to do something different and you work all the time. It was nice to go and do something that was completely different to anything I ever do during the day or do normally. I don’t necessarily want to be a performer, but I just like having the space to be silly and just go and do something that I wouldn’t usually do.”

Michelle, a Screaming Mary

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